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Personal technique -1 v 1 and defensive closing
Combine personal technique in 1 v 1 situation and finishing to goal.
Shooting drill – Eindhoven
Passing and movement as preparation to shoot.
Finishing by heading and shooting
Train finishing situations.
Combination play and finishing scoring
Finishing to goal in different situations.
Finishing to score drill – Real Madrid
Building the play and finishing.
Combination play and finishing at target
Developing three combination situations for finishing at target.
Agility and finishing drill
Improving agility and finishing.
Volle balls shooting drill – "Werder Bremen"
Train players shooting volle balls.
Coordination and shooting
Combination of coordination, deep passing and shooting at goal.
Direct from England National Team – Shooting drill
Terry, Lampard, Ronni and all the stars competing to score in different ways of shooting and finishing.
Direct from Chelsea FC – coordination and shooting
Lampard and Shon wright Philips demonstrates coordination and shoot on goal drill.
Out the box a shooting drill
Drill to train defenders and improve attackers shooting out of the box.

Running Volley
Running Volley
Iniesta personnel Movement
Iniesta demonstrates release of two players .
Shooting Practice
The England U21 strikers practice their shooting


Personal technique and practice shooting
Personal technique and practice shooting

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