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 Soccer Coaching

FC Basel - Coordination and 1 v 1
A drill that combines coordination and 1 v 1 situations.
Train personal technique
Train the movement with a ball in a technical route.
Basketball Football
Coordination with balls.
Coordination and shooting to score
Performing 3 coordination drills with finishing to goal.
Agility and shooting to goal
360 degree cognitive and agility drill with finishing.
Drills to improve agility
4 drills that includes coordination, agility, personal technique and finishing to goal.
Technical and coordination drill – Jose Mourinho
Technique, coordination and finishing.
Train explosive power
Resistance training to improve explosive power using hurdle with a ball.
Technique and coordination
Three drills to improve speed and agility.
A drill that improves coordination
Coordination drills with and without a ball.
Two balls warm-up – FC Bazel
Two balls drill in pairs using hands and feet.
Coordination and shooting
Combination of coordination, deep passing and shooting at goal.

Exercise to improve coordination and agility
Exercise to improve coordination and agility
Fitness and Skills Training

Fitness and Skills Training

Coordination training
Coordination training
Developing Reaction and Explosive Movement
Exercises to help build soccer-specific quickness and agility

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