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 Soccer Coaching

Square ball movement 3 v 1
Dynamic ball movement in square at 3 v 1 situations.
Funny header drill
Receiving and air ball for heading to score.
FC Basel 1 v 1 that developed
1v 1 situation developed up to 3 v 3.
Possession Drill: Playing Through the Thirds
Playing through the thirds, ball control and advantage in numbers.
Ball movement and transition play 3 v 2 – Chelsea
Learning pressing the ball and fast transition play in 3 v 2 situations.
Train 3 v 2 combination play –Chelsea FC
Fast transition from defense to attack.
Small sided games 1 v 1 and 2 v 2
Small sided games 1 v 1 and 2 v 2
2 v 2 play with 4 goals
Drill to improve 2 v 2 play
Learn defenders to read attackers play pattern
2 v 2 play to learn defenders reading the moves of the other team
Direct from Stock City FC – 1 v 1 drill
Stock City FC youth academy 1 v 1 drill.
Small sided game 3 v 1
After learning stage play the 3 v 1.
Small sided game 3 v 3
3 v 3 drill to train attackers entering the area of 3 defenders.

Small sided shooting game
Small sided shooting game to Improvement of the players kick technique
Changes of direction
How to use change of direction skills to impove your game
Small sided game to improve Ball control
Small sided game to improve Ball control
Opposed 1v1 dribbling
Opposed 1v1 dribbling

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