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FC Basel - Coordination and 1 v 1
A drill that combines coordination and 1 v 1 situations.
Training the 1 v 1 for young players
1 v 1 training that developed to 2 v 1.
3 stages of training 1 v 1 situations.
3 stage 1 v 1 training.
FC Basel - 1 v 1
Learning the 1 v 1 attacking, scoring and defending
Milan FC - 1 v 1
Train a 1 v 1 situation after performing explosive power and sprint toward the ball.
1v1 small sided game drill
Train the 1 v 1 with targeting and sprinting from goal to goal.
Drill of 1 v 1 with a turn from FC Basel
Fast turning with the ball and 1 v 1 situation before shooting at target.
Train 1 v 1 with finishing to goal – FC Basel
1 v 1 in one territory and finishing to target without an opponent.
Direct from Southampton FC youth department improving dribbling ability
Drill to improve dribbling 1 v 1 and finishing.
Direct from the youth department of Inter FC – 1 v 1 drill
A very good drill to improve dribbling capabilities against opponent players.
1 v 1 situation with 2 goals
A 1 v 1 drill to improve attacker's decision making and fast movement from defense to offense.
Direct from Inter FC 1 vs. 1
Inter FC Academy – improving 1 vs. 1 and coordination abilities.

Fake the keeper
Learn how to fake the keeper


Make Your Move

Practice and study a large number of move.

Opposed 1v1 dribbling
Opposed 1v1 dribbling

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