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Personal technique -1 v 1 and defensive closing
Combine personal technique in 1 v 1 situation and finishing to goal.
FC Basel - Coordination and 1 v 1
A drill that combines coordination and 1 v 1 situations.
3 stages of training 1 v 1 situations.
3 stage 1 v 1 training.
FC Basel - 1 v 1
Learning the 1 v 1 attacking, scoring and defending
Milan FC - 1 v 1
Train a 1 v 1 situation after performing explosive power and sprint toward the ball.
1v1 small sided game drill
Train the 1 v 1 with targeting and sprinting from goal to goal.
Drill of 1 v 1 with a turn from FC Basel
Fast turning with the ball and 1 v 1 situation before shooting at target.
Train 1 v 1 with finishing to goal – FC Basel
1 v 1 in one territory and finishing to target without an opponent.
1 v 1 while entering in the finishing zone from FC Basel
Improve 1 v 1 while entering without an opponent finishing zone.
Direct from Southampton FC youth department improving dribbling ability
Drill to improve dribbling 1 v 1 and finishing.
Direct from the youth department of Inter FC – 1 v 1 drill
A very good drill to improve dribbling capabilities against opponent players.
Small sided games 1 v 1 and 2 v 2
Small sided games 1 v 1 and 2 v 2

Fake the keeper
Learn how to fake the keeper


Changes of direction
How to use change of direction skills to impove your game
Lionel Messi's Own Training Lesson
Lionel Messi teaches his own dribbling technique himself
Italian Style Academy Technical Skills Training Program
A large number of exercises to improve the players' personal technique

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