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 Soccer Coaching

Wayne Ronny personal training
Movement with and without the ball, change of direction, passing.
Train technique and headers
Headers and technique with the ball.
Finishing by heading and shooting
Train finishing situations.
Losing your marker to finish
How to play with the back to your marker.
Coordination and shooting to score
Performing 3 coordination drills with finishing to goal.
Agility and shooting to goal
360 degree cognitive and agility drill with finishing.
Train explosive power
Resistance training to improve explosive power using hurdle with a ball.
Protect the ball with the back under pressure
Ball possession under pressure preparing for contact game
A drill that improves coordination
Coordination drills with and without a ball.
Passing the ball while moving
Movement with the ball and passing without stopping.
Agility and finishing drill
Improving agility and finishing.
Coordination and shooting
Combination of coordination, deep passing and shooting at goal.

Mark a striker
Learn how to mark a striker
AC Milan Soccer Schools - different Turns
Three exercises to change direction with a defender and without a defender


Italian Style Academy Technical Skills Training Program
A large number of exercises to improve the players' personal technique
Personal technique and practice shooting
Personal technique and practice shooting

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