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 Soccer Coaching

Finishing by heading and shooting
Train finishing situations.
Coordination and shooting to score
Performing 3 coordination drills with finishing to goal.
A drill that improves coordination
Coordination drills with and without a ball.
Agility and finishing drill
Improving agility and finishing.
Coordination and shooting
Combination of coordination, deep passing and shooting at goal.
Drill to improve stability
Drill that improves stability and coordination combined with header and footwork.
Shooting and coordination
Drill that combines shooting to goal and coordinative ability.
Train Strikers – finishing under pressure
Work on finishing a target while a defender is behind and turning with the back to goal.
Direct from Real Madrid FC youth department – Technical drill
Drills to improve players control technique.
Ball defending drill – 1 v 1
Train the strikers to guard the ball with their back to goal, moving to 1 v 1 and shoot at target.
Strikers training; receive and finish
Train the strikers to receive the ball in the box, control and finish to goal.
Learn the technique of grabbing the ball
Learn ball grabbing technique to pass over defender and shoot to goal.

Fake the keeper
Learn how to fake the keeper


Mark a striker
Learn how to mark a striker
AC Milan Soccer Schools - different Turns
Three exercises to change direction with a defender and without a defender


Italian Style Academy Technical Skills Training Program
A large number of exercises to improve the players' personal technique

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