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Personal technique -1 v 1 and defensive closing
Combine personal technique in 1 v 1 situation and finishing to goal.
Personal technique for young players
Working and moving with the ball.
Close range finish
Short range finish using the foot and the head.
Train personal technique
Train the movement with a ball in a technical route.
Personal technique
Personal technique with a ball.
Drills to improve agility
4 drills that includes coordination, agility, personal technique and finishing to goal.
Warm Up with balls
Warm Up with balls in small area and dribbling between stations
Personal technique – Milan
Movement with a ball in a track with good ball control.
Protect the ball with the back under pressure
Ball possession under pressure preparing for contact game
Train 3 v 1
Fast movement with the ball avoiding the defender.
Personal technique –AC Milan
The training combines explosive power and personal technique.
Technical and coordinative drill
Standing on a Balance plate and passing back a valley ball.

Fake the keeper
Learn how to fake the keeper


Changes of direction
How to use change of direction skills to impove your game
Technical warm-up
Technical warm-up
AC Milan Soccer Schools - different Turns
Three exercises to change direction with a defender and without a defender


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