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 Soccer Coaching

Defending drill using the sweeper
Defensive pressure that makes the opponent pass back to the sweeper.
Defending when outnumbered 2 v 3 – Sporting Lisbon
Training the defenders outnumbered out of the box.
10 v 10 drill – Mourinho
Training the defense.
Train pressure in the final third – Southampton FC
Building the attack and pressure at the final third.
Train good defensive positioning in a 2 v 2 situations
Train defensive pressure at 2 v 2 situation according to ball position.
Train the attacking pattern from a 5 box ball
Build the attack from a 5 box ball.
Train the back four
Train areal defense of the back four
4 Italian drills to improve defensive play
Improve defender position in various situations
Training the back four
Improving back four communicating skills to achieve better defending work.
Learn defenders at a 2 v 3 situation
Learn defenders while they are in down numbers near the box.
Defending in pairs
This drill trains a pair of defenders team work to stop attackers.
Goalkeepers training - Train crosses to the box
A very good training for Goalkeepers, Strikers and Defenders to deal with crosses into the box area.

Zonal defending
Defensive situations which are fundamental to the organization of the team in the field .

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