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 Soccer Coaching

Defending drill using the sweeper
Defensive pressure that makes the opponent pass back to the sweeper.
Defending when outnumbered 2 v 3 – Sporting Lisbon
Training the defenders outnumbered out of the box.
10 v 10 drill – Mourinho
Training the defense.
High pressure at attacking third
Developing at the attacking third high pressure.
Train pressure in the final third – Southampton FC
Building the attack and pressure at the final third.
Train good defensive positioning in a 2 v 2 situations
Train defensive pressure at 2 v 2 situation according to ball position.
Train the attacking pattern from a 5 box ball
Build the attack from a 5 box ball.
Train the back four
Train areal defense of the back four
4 Italian drills to improve defensive play
Improve defender position in various situations
Training the back four
Improving back four communicating skills to achieve better defending work.
Learn defenders at a 2 v 3 situation
Learn defenders while they are in down numbers near the box.
Defending in pairs
This drill trains a pair of defenders team work to stop attackers.

Zonal defending
Defensive situations which are fundamental to the organization of the team in the field .
Mark a striker
Learn how to mark a striker

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