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 Soccer Coaching

How to create space for a cross
Performing 3 different crosses in the attacking zone to finish.
Small area attacking drill – FC Bayern Munich
Training flank attack in small area with opposition and without.
Personal technique -1 v 1 and defensive closing
Combine personal technique in 1 v 1 situation and finishing to goal.
Train receiving the ball under pressure
React like you under defenders pressure.
Ball receiving and change of direction
Ball receiving and fast and accurate change of direction.
Train pass and sprint – Barcelona – LaMasia
Pass and sprint to the same direction.
Ball movement and pressure game
Play to train 5 v 2 in small area and after ball possession a 7 v 5 situation.
RSC Anderlecht - One touch soccer drill
Small area one touch short passing.
FC Basel - Coordination and 1 v 1
A drill that combines coordination and 1 v 1 situations.
Personal technique for young players
Working and moving with the ball.
Atletico Madrid – Diego Simeone : Pass drill and soccer awareness
Pass drill using 2 balls in crossed directions.
Shooting drill – Eindhoven
Passing and movement as preparation to shoot.

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